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Even a small amount of soil supports beautiful life

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As President of European Confederation of Soil Science Societies (ECSSS) and of 5th EUROSOIL International Congress, I am delighted to invite you to Istanbul to participate in the EUROSOIL Congress that will be held on October 16-21, 2016.

Following the successful 4th EUROSOIL Congress in 2012 in Bari, we have now a great pleasure to welcome you to Istanbul, one of the most attractive, historical, and cultural cities in the world.

EUROSOIL 2016 will be a unique opportunity to provide an outstanding setting for all participants including young soil scientists, researchers, technical and Professional operators, company representatives, and policymakers to share their projects, scientific experiences, innovations, and ideas about soil science.

The choice of the keynotes and invited speakers who will be chosen from not only Europe but all continents of our globe will set high standards and new visions in the field of soil science. Sessions covering all aspects of soil science and social and cultural events will help culminate the success of the Congress.

One of the most important aspects of the Istanbul congress is the “Young Soil Scientists Forum” in the Congress Program. We hope the young soil scientists draft a declaration that can be published for the future of world soil science.

We are looking forward to receiving participants from all over the world in Istanbul and to help us make all together with the congress an unforgettable scientific event and feel the fascinating atmosphere of this world metropolis.

Let’s meet in Istanbul in 2016!

Sincerely yours…


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mermut
President of ECSSS and EUROSOIL 2016



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Soil Science Society of Turkey
Soil Science Society of Turkey


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