Call for Abstracts


  • All abstracts must be submitted on-line no later than 5 January 2016.
  • Abstract presenters must pay their registration fees no later than 15 February 2016 in order for their presentation to appear in the abstract book.
  • One presenting author may submit two abstracts.
  • The author who submits the abstract will be notified the receipt of abstract and an assigned abstract number by organizers. Please refer to this abstract number in all correspondence.
  • Authors should select their presentation preferences. Final decision on the presentation type will be made by the Congress Scientific Committee.
  • The abstracts will be reviewed by the Congress Scientific Committee. The presenting author will be notified about the final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the paper latest by 18 January 2016.
  • The Congress Scientific Committee reserves the right to allocate abstracts into sessions as they see fit in accordance with the overall program objectives.
  • Submitting authors will be notified as to whether their abstract has been accepted, as well as the date, time and form of their presentation
  • If the original presenting author is unable to present the abstract, it is authors’ responsibility to ensure that one of the co-authors takes over presentation. Any change of the presenting author needs to be communicated in the form of a written statement to the Congress Scientific Committee
  • If you want to withdraw your abstract, please contact with Mr. Bülent Çelik from Congress Secretariat, no later than 15 February 2016.



  • All abstracts must be written in English.

Please write concisely and clearly and follow this structure;

  1. Objective of the Study
  2. Material and Methods
  3. Results
  4. Conclusion
  • All abstracts must be approved by all authors before submission. The corresponding author will receive all communication and is responsible for informing the other authors of the status of the abstract.
  • Presenter Name & Title & Address— List the full name and title of the person who will present the paper. List the name of the department, institution and full postal address (including zip/postal code and country, e-mail)
  • Authors’ names and other details should be entered in the appropriate fields.
  • Select the relevant topic you are submitting your abstract.
  • Title of abstract — The title should be short but descriptive. Title should be entered in the “Title Field”.
  • Abstract text should be entered in the “abstract field”. Abstract should not be more than 300 words.

The system will not accept the submission of the abstract if it is more than 300 words.

  • Abstracts must use correct grammar and punctuation. Abbreviation should be defined.
  • Please be informed that your abstract should not contain spelling, grammar or scientific mistake because your document will be reproduced exactly as submitted. Linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the author and the abstract will not be accepted without signing of interest discloser.
  • Changes are not permitted after submission deadlines.



  • The entire poster must be mounted on a 70 x 90 cm. board
  • The board must be oriented in the upright position
  • A banner displaying your poster title, name, and department should be positioned at top-center of the board
  • Text should be readable from 2 meters away. Use a minimum font size of 18 points
  • Lettering for the title should be large (at least 70-point font). Use all capital letters for the title.