A. Name, objectives and seat of ECSSS.

A1. The name of the Confederation shall be the European Confederation of Soil Science Societies (ECSSS).

A2. The objectives of the ECSSS shall be to foster collaboration and co-operation amongst the National Societies of Soil Science in Europe and amongst European soil scientists in all branches of the soil sciences and their applications, and to give support to the above in the pursuit of their activities.

A3. Europe shall be considered in its broadest sense

A4. The activities of the ECSSS shall include:

a. Facilitating the organisation of meetings, conferences, principally The EUROSOIL Congress on a four yearly cycle;

b. Arranging for the dissemination of material relevant to the interests of the ECSSS;

c. Establishing cooperation with other related organisations within Europe;

d. Representing Soil Science to a wide European audience;

e. Taking any other action that will advance Soil Science in Europe.

A5. The seat of the ECSSS shall be the professional address of the current President.

A6. All interpretations of the Statutes by the Council are final.

B. Membership

B1. European National Societies of Soil Science may join as Full Members. Only one organisation can join from each country as a Full Member.

B2. Professional soil science organisations and organisations related to soil science in European countries may join as Associate Members.

C. The Council of the ECSSS

C1. The Council consists of the President, the Vice-President and one accredited representative from each Full Member Society. The President and Vice President will be elected by the Council and will normally be from the host country of the next EUROSOIL Conference and serve for four years.

C2. The Council is the supreme body of the ECSSS, and carries general responsibility for the efficient functioning and the success of the Confederation. The President chairs the Council, unless he/she has specifically delegated his/her authority to another member for that occasion. 10 Council members constitute a quorum. The Council must meet during the EUROSOIL Congress and may meet more often if necessary. The invitation should be sent out at least 6 weeks before the meeting. The President or his/her delegate shall report on the activities and decisions of the Council to the EUROSOlL Congress.

C3. Each Full Member shall have one representative and one vote on the Council.

C4. The Council has the following specific functions, together with its general responsibility for the wellbeing of the ECSSS:

a. To discuss and develop strategy and activities of the ECSSS.

b. To solicit and select the country and venues of EUROSOIL Congresses.

C5. When required, the Council is empowered to take decisions by means of electronic or postal ballot.

C6. When required the Council is empowered to make decisions by means of electronic or postal ballot.

D. The EUROSOIL Congress

D1. The EUROSOIL Congress is the main event of the ECSSS. It shall cover all parts of the discipline and of ECSSS.

D2. The host country National Society or adhering organisation shall officially cosponsor and be financially liable for the EUROSOIL Congress, and shall make all necessary fundraising and other arrangements to ensure the success of the Congress.

E. Changes to the Statutes

E1. The Council can only effect changes in these statutes on a 2/3 majority of voting members of the Council. The proposed changes must have been publicized to the Full Members at least 6 months before the vote.

E2. A new or revised Statute shall come into force on a date decided by the Council, which shall be as soon as possible after the publication of the results of a positive vote.

F. Finance

F.1 The funds of ECSSS are in the care of the President and shall be administered by the host Society of the next EUROSOIL Congress.